At a certain stage of our life we need to think of upgrading our credentials to excel in life. Working professionals often undergo the dilemma whether to go for the full time management programme for 2 years or Executive MBA or Distance MBA. With executive MBA, one can excel in niche area after gaining exceptional professional expertise and the avenues grow largely. The degree enables them to solve complex problems using their experience and knowledge anticipate faster promotions, and grow towards leadership positions.One needs to consider some critical factors while making a choice between an executive.

Peer Learning: Our surrounding environment play important role in learning. An executive MBA programme provides an environment where massive learning from peers takes place. Healthy discussions with working batch mates provides them the perfect opportunity to learn, understand, explore outside the classroom and gain new perspectives on business.

Flexibility: Time is one of the major factors in decision to choose the right programme. An Executive MBA course gives you flexibility to study with your job. Our executive MBA is two years week end course.

Recognition by employers: The companies recognize the programmes. As it is an enriched MBA program with valuable inputs from experienced professionals, it is highly value-adding and preferred by recruiters.

Pedagogy: An Executive MBA focuses more on practical knowledge to develop decision-making and problem-solving skills. Judicious blend of involving interactive class sessions, case analysis and project work ensure effective absorption and application.

Curriculum: The curriculum is designed keeping in mind that the students are working professionals to equip them to solve complex problems utilizing their experience and knowledge. MBA needs to evolve to keep pace with the changing environment to create future business leaders.

Fees: The range of fee for Executive MBA programmes at best of the institute varies between Rs. 4 to 30 lakh or more. Our programme is affordable

Duration: The duration of the course is 2 years, the students are given another 2 years breather, within which they have to complete the programme.

Someone has rightly said, “Learning has no end.” Gone are the days when people believed that once they get the job, it’s hard to continue studies. Executive MBA allows managers, executives, leaders, etc. to continue their education along with the existing job. This not only increases their level of education but also boosts one’s professional career.