Manish Trehan, CEO of PTU’s Gian Jyoti School of TQM & Entrepreneurship (PGSTE) has been invited to present his paper titled “TQM Journey of a Government-run Milk Producing Cooperative in India”at the 2nd Canadian Quality Congress to be held from 23-25 August at University of Toronto, Canada.

The paper is all about the adoption of TQM techniques by MilkFed, the apex milk cooperative in the state of Punjab in North India under the consultancy of PGSTE. It demonstrates how TQM principles can be used to create an organization-wide environment of continuous improvement in a cooperative sector organisation, seeped in tradition and facing numerous challenges not only in Private Business but also in Govt. run Cooperative Sector.

A series of Sandwich TQM workshops for imparting training in structured problem solving and project-by-project improvement approach were conducted for senior executives from all the plants/units of Milkfed. Sandwich workshops comprise of 4 sessions of training of 2 days each spread of a period of 4-6 months. In the first phase, 14 teams of 76 senior/middle level executives were trained. Each team implemented an improvement project, which was facilitated by the consultants. In the second phase, workshops will be conducted at each plant/unit, for wider spread of TQM culture. These 14 projects have resulted in a saving of Rs. 4.18 Crore per annum for Milkfed.

These workshops brought about a transformation in the attitude of employees, created team culture, break-down of departmental ‘silos’, improvement in labour-management relations, and sharpening of analytical skills.

This paper highlights that the project-by-project approach, used in conjunction with the basic 7 QC tools, is an excellent approach for building a culture of continuous improvement, which is universally applicable across all sectors. It has many important lessons for organizations which are starting their quality improvement journey.