Thinking of improving your organisation’s ZED rating and increasing productivity. Want to know how to get the most by integrating Lean Manufacturing Practices with ZED Maturity Assessment Model. This 3-day experiential workshop will help you banish waste, enhance profitability and improve ZED rating.For more than 10 years, PTU Nalanda’s consultants have helped over 80 MSMEs to successfully implement Lean Manufacturing Practices resulting in average recurring savings of Rs 8 crore per annum. Our ZED Master Trainers have worked hard with our clients and developed a 3-Day Workshop on Lean Manufacturing Practices for ZED.

Key Benefits
• Learn various Lean Manufacturing tools
• Understand ZED Maturity Assessment Model
• Develop skills for Implementing Lean Manufacturing Practices for enhancing ZED rating of the company

• Mix of lectures and experience sharing.
• Real-life case examples and case studies.
• Practical insights leading to better retention of knowledge gained.

• Overview of Lean philosophy
• 5S System, Visual Control, Waste Elimination
• Just in Time ( JIT), Kanban System (Pull System)
• Value Stream Mapping
• Poka Yoke or Mistake Proofing
• Cellular Layout, Kaizen
• Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED) or Quick Changeover
• ZED Maturity Assessment Model
• Implementing Lean to enhance ZED rating.

Who should attend?
Leaders/Managers/Seniors Executives from:
• Manufacturing
• Maintenance
• Operations
• Quality
• Engineering
• Supply Chain

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