Lean Manufacturing Competitiveness Scheme

Under the Scheme, MSMEs will be assisted in reducing their manufacturing costs, through proper personnel management, better space utilization, scientific inventory management, improved processed flows, reduced engineering time and so on. LMCS also brings improvement in the quality of products and lowers costs, which are essential for competing in national and international markets. The larger enterprises in India have been adopting LMCS to remain competitive, but MSMEs have generally stayed away from such Programmes as they are not fully aware of the benefits. Besides, experienced and effective Lean Manufacturing Counsellors or Consultants are not easily available and are expensive to engage and hence most MSMEs are unable to afford LMCS.


Lean Manufacturing Consultants on Panel

Vk Kapoor


Vijay Kapoor

Certified 6-sigma Black Belt. 35-years experience in Indl. Engg, Mfg. Engg, Project Mgmt & as COO with Leading Industries of India and 10 years as Head of Consultancy and Training Division of the School.





Viney Davessar

Certified Six Sigma Black Belt. 23 years experience in manufacturing & process industry at Senior Management level & 10 years in teaching, training & consultancy in TQM & LM






Sonu Kakkar, B.Tech

Certified Lean Manufacturing Consultant. 22 years of experience in Automotive Manufacturing Industries. Well versed with Automotive QMS







Bathroom Fittings & Accessories LM Cluster Tractor & Railway Component LM Cluster TERI-SIDBI Engg 5S Cluster MIA Auto Parts Machining LM Cluster
Number of   Units 9 9 6 7
Turnover -Before Rs. 980 lacs Rs.6669 lacs Rs.650 lacs Rs. 9400 lacs
Turnover -After Rs. 1315 lacs Rs. 9275 lacs NA Rs. 12461 lacs
Number of Kaizen Done 68 110 NA 65
Total Area Saved 427 sq. meter 2315 sq.meter 95 sq.meter 3408 sq.meter
Total Recurring Savings Rs. 267 lacs Rs. 370 lacs Rs. 5.7 lacs Rs. 121 lacs
One Time Saving Rs. 20 lacs Rs. 45 lacs Rs. 5 lacs Rs. 10 lacs

Key initiatives & benefits


  • 5 S and culture buildingcluster1
  • Manufacturing system building
  • Institutionlizing kaizen & small group activities
  • Reducing Manufacturing lead Time
  • Improving Material Handling System

Quantitative Benefits

  • Quick retrieval, Zero Accident, Spance Saving
  • Reduced through Put time
  • Reduced rejection, reduced
  • improved delivery compliance,
  • reduced product travelled/pc
  • Reduction in WIP, Spance saving

Qualitative Benefits

  • Cultural Change, Improved quality, Discipline in working, Better work environmnet
  • improved flow
  • Team work problem solving skills
  • Reduced fatigue
  • Reduction in creation in creation of slow/non moving item