The way classes, assignments and the study material is prepared and delivered here, I don’t think any other institute or programme in India is like it .
Parveen Kumar, Mahindra & Mahindra, B.Tech.-IEM Student (July 2009 Batch)
It is fun to come and learn like a normal student with all modern gadgetry and comforts. My career has also got a boost owing to the practical knowledge gained in this institute .
Dalbir Singh, DSM Anti Infectives, B.Tech.-IEM, Jan., 2009 Batch
Since my enrolment in PTU Nalanda, my professional career has risen to new pinnacles of glory. I got promoted as Chief Manager; thanks to this innovative B.Tech. course by PTU Nalanda designed for working professionals. I thank all the esteemed faculty members; they are my role models and guides.
Jawaharlal Nehru, (January 2009 Batch)
My life was just like any other Diploma Holder, where I used to wonder why we need additional qualification. Isn’t my skill set good enough for me to climb the ladder? Indeed it is not! I joined B.Tech programme in PTU Nalanda and acquired skills ranging from reading balance sheets to making flashy presentations, and from analysing complex technical situations to managing human dynamics. I am working and growing well with a Fortune 500 company as a QA-Engineer where even sky is not the limit ahead .
Sachin Batra, (July 2007 Batch)
This course will act as a life long medicine for engineers. My way of thinking, talking, communicating and handling people at work as well as in general life has changed drastically after joining this course. Now I always try to give solutions to anyone’s problems by applying problem solving techniques learnt here .
Sunil Kumar, (July 2007 Batch)
Knowledge acquired during my association with PTU Nalanda has given a kick start to my career, where my position has got elevated from Sr. Manager to Sr. General Manager with a package of almost four times in three years time. Now, I have joined Indorama, in Egypt, as a Senior General Manager. Many thanks to the School’s team .
Suresh Pal, (January 2007 Batch)
Such type of course should be mandatory in all B.E., B.Tech. or management colleges. If learnings of this programme are implemented in industries, we can change the image of INDIA in global markets .
Deependra Kumar, (January 2008 Batch)
My heartfelt thanks to the entire team of PTU Nalanda. Recently, I gave interview in Philips Electronics, Mohali and cleared the interview at one go. They were really impressed with my awareness of TQM quality principles. Thanks to PTU Nalanda’s unique learning system. Full credit of giving a boost to my career goes to the School .
Nitin Dev, (January 2009 Batch)